MLP: Griffon Kingdoms
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Manehattan Empty Manehattan

Post by Steel Strike Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:08 pm

The fourth city to be taken by the griffons, it has been held for almost a decade. The battle left many parts of the city destroyed; buildings half torn down, streets in rubble. Still the city remains inhabited, by all manner of ponies, zebras, and griffons. The city is 22.7 square miles separated into six districts. Before the war, this was the center of wealth, business, and power in equestria, with over one million ponies living in and around the area. Today, barely 500,000 ponies live here, in the areas not too devastated by the war. The Central House rules this region, under the direct control of Commander Feliks. A perpetual cloud layer overcasts every day and the air is cold most times. Though torn by war, many monuments and skyscrapers still stand, serving as a reminder of what was lost, and what might one day be achieved.
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