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Central Park

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Central Park Empty Central Park

Post by Steel Strike Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:14 pm

Central Park: A large Park in the center of the city, with the residential districts to the side and Downtown to the south.

When the city was first built it was decided to put in a park, so that the inhabitants would be able to enjoy nature without having to leave the city. Today, most of the park is dead, mostly around the edges. Main street travels through the middle, and for the most part, the park looks just as it did before. A group of ponies have been working to get the park looking like it did before the war, and have been doing a great job clearing the debris and giving life back to the dead plants. At this time over three quarters of the park is clean and relatively healthy. There are a few small ponds, large overhanging trees, and plenty of grass for ponies and griffon alike to come and relax. In the day, there is little to no conflict here, and is a sanctuary for all. At night, even with the curfew law, the park turns into a cesspit of crime and violence, with many pony and griffon stalkers looking to prey on any victims too stupid to go indoors after dark.
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