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Big Rodeo [Earth Pony]

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Big Rodeo [Earth Pony]  Empty Big Rodeo [Earth Pony]

Post by Big Rodeo Fri Jan 25, 2013 2:18 am

Name: Rodeo
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Occupation: Farmer
Virtue: Strength
Special Talent: Playing guitar
Minor Talents: Farming, hoof to hoof fighting, being a dick
Alignment: Rebels

Height: 5'
Coat Color: White
Mane/Tail Color: Green
Eye color: Blue
Cutie/Glyph Mark: Guitar


Rodeo is tough, and doesn't put up with trash. He is quick to throw a punch to defend himself or his pride, but is even faster to throw a punch to defend another pony from danger. He does enjoy the small things in life, as there isn't too much otherwise to enjoy. He loves sitting under the stars and playing guitar around a camp fire. He enjoys seeing a smile on other pony's faces. He enjoys to hear others laugh at something he said or did. He enjoys a new hat, cool, new weapons. The company of another pony. And he definitely enjoys a bottle filled with something strong. There isn't too much to him other than that. Rodeo may seem rude and tough, but he has an inner sense of good. He will be the type to insult a pony's mother then save them from death the next; then get angry when they try to thank him.

Rodeo does not play well with others, is mostly all you need to know about him. Deep underneath his tough exterior is a heart of gold, but its filled with hate, and pain, and whiskey. Hatred for the griffons, pain for what he had lost, and whiskey to try and forget about both of them. Hard work helped a lot, and if anything kept him in shape.

Orange Acres. Rodeo would bet his life that nopony could find it on a map. It often isn't. Rodeo was born there twenty-four years before the end of war, and was raised along with his friends and family in the small town of around five-hundred ponies. Miles of orange groves and farmland spreading out in all directions from the main part of town; Orange Acres wasn't known for anything otherwise. He grew up on a large plantation called the Orange Family Farm, which grew the best oranges in Equestria. Ran by his large family, he grew up there trying his hardest to earn his cutie mark and be the best worker on the farm. At a young age he was incredibly strong, and it showed in his work. As he grew older and older, he got stronger and became a more efficient worker. And though he expected a cutie mark along the lines of orange farming, he didn't get one at all.

The ponies in school tried to pick on him for it, but most of them went home with a missing tooth after they did. He began to work harder, and started to try a few new things in the hopes he may discover his talent elsewhere. However, it was always the last thing a pony might expect that became his or her special talent. One afternoon he was wandering home and passed his Uncle Citrus' house where the stallion often sat on the front porch playing an acoustic guitar. Out of curiosity, Rodeo asked if he could learn how to play; so Uncle Citrus taught him. Each day Rodeo would play with his Uncle, and got very good with his hooves over the strings without even realizing it. It was fun for him, he learned quickly, and soon had learned a whole song.

One fateful evening, the family was having a bar-b-que with some townsponies. There must have been at least a hundred ponies on the Orange Family Farm that night. Uncle Citrus was meant to be the entertainment with his guitar, but after an accident with the grill his hoof was burnt badly, and he was unable to play. So taking up the duty for himself, Rodeo jumped on the stage made of wooden barrels and some boards and played the song his Uncle had taught him. Everypony cheered and stomped as he finished, and when he looked down he noticed his cutie mark; a guitar. To this day he still fits in guitar time in between killing Griffons.

Though as all good things begin, they often have to end. Tragedy struck when he was sixteen. Still working hard and doing well, he enjoyed school and friends and family. The Griffon invasion moved swiftly, and swept over the small town on its way to a larger area. The ponies in Orange Acres fought gallantly, but all fell at arms. Rodeo had joined into the ranks and fought as well, though was mostly too clumsy to do any good. He had been in town when it began later in the afternoon, and made his way back home by slipping unseen through the groves and farms. Upon arriving at his family's farm, he only found a few bodies, pony and griffons. Among them were his father, Uncle Citrus, and several other older male ponies. His mother, his aunts, his cousin, even his beloved marefriend was amongst the casualties; but most of his family was missing. There he found one final strangler griffon, and used his father's sword to make his first kill in a blind fit of rage. This is how he received the scar across his breast.

After that, he ran. All throughout the war he wandered, killing anytime he came across the enemy, and helping with attack efforts wherever possible. He felt he had nothing left to live for, other than avenging his family and loved ones. And until he was dead, his mission was incomplete. As the years rolled on, Rodeo became an alcoholic, a bar brawler, a guitar master and a militant. But don't let his dangerous eyes and rude behavior fool you, he's a good pony at heart and will die to do what is right.

The war soon ended when he was around the age of twenty-four, but he did not stop there. Equestria would live on one day, and he knew the efforts of ponies like him would be the reason. He continued to wander, killing any time he found the enemy, helping where he could. After years of wandering, and more kills and near-deaths than he could count, he fell even more into a depression and decided to slow down. The only thing he knew how to to was fight, drink, and play guitar. Well, all that and farm. He stopped the first place he came to, and set up his farm right where an older farm use to be. He planted orange trees and began to grow them, supplying fresh food to the ponies around him, and continued to share the Orange Family's famous oranges with Equestria. And though he had decided to set up some roots, his mission remains not yet finished.

Personal Timeline: N/A
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Big Rodeo [Earth Pony]  Empty Re: Big Rodeo [Earth Pony]

Post by Steel Strike Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:11 am

Very Nice. Approved ^^
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