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Falling Star [Pegasus] [Final]

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Falling Star [Pegasus] [Final] Empty Falling Star [Pegasus] [Final]

Post by Falling Star Wed Jun 05, 2013 4:53 pm

Basic Information:
Name: Falling Star
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Male
Age: 22 (24.3.-18)
Vice: Depression
Alignment: Rebels
Occupation: Annoyance to his sister, Violet Synth

Coat Color: Brown
Mane/Tail Color: Dark gray, almost black
Eye color: Turquoise
Usual Accessories: A cap that seems to be taken right from a Sherclop Holmes novel, completed with a padded chin strap, in the hope that it would make stumbling a little less painful.
Cutie Mark: A star crashing into the ground.

Picture:Falling Star [Pegasus] [Final] Fallin10

Special Talent - Falling:
You read right, his special talent is falling, stumbling, and crashing in any other way. If you think that is a crappy talent: Falling Star agrees.

But truth is, it's not that bad. He hardly realizes it, but whenever he falls, something good happens because of it, as little as it may be. He finds a bit, he meets somepony important, or he even falls right on Feliks' head and accidently breaks his neck. Well, that would be a lot more luck than he usually has, but you get the idea.

Not always is it something obviously good that happens, and sometimes there's a lot of time between the crash and the good thing. Sometimes the good thing is somewhat ridiculous. Only one thing is for certain: Whenever he crashes, stumbles, whatever, something good happens because of it. So, don't intentionally throw him into a wall, it might collapse on you.

Screwed up.

I mean, what else could you be if you fell onto your snout several times a day as he does? And the griffons haven't made things easier at all. Often being the object of amusement, Falling Star is everything else than a happy pony himself. Even before it had officially become his "special anti-talent", as he calls it, his constant accidents had made him an unhappy foal, and he completely snapped when this source of pain and humiliation actually decided to immortalize itself on his flank. While he had have happy periods before, those were now overshadowed by a constant depression that was even worsened when soon after the war began. He spent his life trying to stay out of trouble, most of the time staying in his abode, whatever it may be at the time, and come out only to get the essentials, if his sister is forcing him to do so. He doesn't try to socialize, and his constant bad mood drives most other ponies away.

Though he's a pegasus born in Cloudsdale, he has developed a fear of flight, or heights in general, for obvious reasons. That he kinda likes the Undermarket as home in this regard is also clear, but he didn't really get what was going on in the latest past, since he seldom came outside, and always only to get some stuff and head right back. Though he might get into a conversation by stumbling into somepony, who knows.

Cloudsdale wasn't exactly a safe place to live for a foal who constantly stumbled, a fact Falling Star's parents had to acknowledge when he actually fell to the ground once. Not yet able to fly he could only slow his fall, and ended up with several broken bones. As a consequence, the family moved to Manehatten. That was long before he got his cutie mark, he would describe his life back then as happy enough. But his constant accidents were wearing at him, as was the laughter from those around him when one of his crashes amused them again.

Eventually he learned to fly, but only reluctantly. He feared being in great height, more so if there were no security measures, and so he would have been perfectly fine staying on the ground forever. Only with a lot of encouragement from his father and his sister he finally got through with it, but on the first enduring flight, his wings suddenly went numb. He crashed. Again. And right into a damn rose bush! Lying right in front of him among the thorns he found a small amulet, nothing special, but he took it anyway, to have at least some repayment for this crap. After everything had seemed to go just fine, his wings simply had to stop working! He was frustrated and felt confirmed in his doubts about flying, but when he checked how many new cuts and bruises he had and noticed the picture of a star falling to the ground on his flank, he snapped completely. He fell into a depression and though he had never been sociable, he now began to withdrew completely. He hardly left home to give his special anti-talent as few chances as possible, and when the war came, that was even more reason to stay inside.

When Manehatten was attacked, he and his family tried to flee, but as usual, Star fell, even dragging his sister with him. Down into the sewers, and they didn't have the time to climb up again, the griffons were already up there. He tried to somehow get into the direction they had been fleeing in, but those smelly tunnels didn't make things easy for the two of them. After some hours of wandering the tunnels, they found themselves lost, and eventually they had to find themselves a spot to sleep. They have never seen their parents since then.
Falling Star
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