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Staff Bulletin, Dec. 2., 2013

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Staff Bulletin, Dec. 2., 2013 Empty Staff Bulletin, Dec. 2., 2013

Post by Syron Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:59 am


New faction searching for VIP players
Hijinks and Tayari have come up with a neutral faction which already got staff approval, and now they are searching for a third player for their VIPs. Find the suggestion here.

Chat RP Now Officially Canon
One of the biggest problems this site is suffering from is the slow speed of the RP. Important threads take weeks over weeks to come to completion and meanwhile block other threads. This makes it practically impossible to ever get somewhere in the overall story, so we have decided to take measures against it.

In the left side bar of the Portal there's a button "Enter RP Chat" (only if you're logged in). It brings you to a login/registration form, where you only have to set a password for your chat-account. If the registration is successful, it will redirect you to the actual chat. If you already have a chat account, the button will redirect you to the actuall chat as well, instead of the registration form.

If you have any troubles with the registration or the chat, please contact Shadowstrike.

Now, how does this work? Well, I suppose most of you are well aware of the concept of chat RP. It's just like in the forum, only that the posts are usually shorter and happen in much higher frequency. Chat RP tends to be less descriptive and more action based, which makes it easy to achieve a lot in relative short time. However, RP isn't all about speed, and the high detaill of forum posts definitely has its flavor, and we'll keep it alive.

Chat RP is to be used to speed up parts of an RP that relies on quick interaction (fights or some conversations for example) that is likely produce many short posts in a row. Thanks to different time zones and some other factors, such scenes would take unnecessarily long, so you are free to make a chat RP out of it. Simply agree on a date to do it, and within an hour you might be through the critical part.

We apply the same rules as we do in the forum: No powerplaying, the owner of a character decides what happens to the char, and so on. But once a chat-RP is done, there are some things to do: You need to copy the chat log and edit it for display in the thread it belongs to. This includes removing time stamps, replacing lost formatting, removing OOC messages and so on. As soon as you think it is a good read, post it in your thread and wait for approval (or other feedback). A member of the Thread Watch will get to it as soon as possible.

Here's an example on how it might look after editing. Note that I played both, Silver Lining and Silvern Gleam, so I had the freedom to join their parts together (which I somehow only did at the beginning, then I forgot about it...):

After editing:
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