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The Occupation: Essential Lore

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The Occupation: Essential Lore Empty The Occupation: Essential Lore

Post by Sassaflash Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:34 pm

Authors: Steel Strike, Double Edge, Freyia

(Happens from the end of the war to present, 4 years total.)

The final battle came as a victory cry for the entire griffon race. However, their jobs were far from over. With each city that was taken, an HQ was quickly established, allowing the ruling house to watch over their territory. Because Equestria was a vast kingdom, the land was divided among the griffon houses. This led to disagreements inside the courts as to how to run the occupation. However, the Tsar was the final word. His laws and regulations would not be disobeyed. Some houses followed blindly, while others were not so willing. So long as the Tsar’s plan was being fulfilled he did not care.

The ponies were soon being forced into camps, to work for the griffons. In the various cities, the population had a few new rules to follow:

1)Curfew at Dusk
2) No more than 4 ponies congregating, without a guard present.
3) No stealing or murdering under any circumstances.
4) Permits needed for Shop Operation.
5) All ponies liable to search and seizure without warrant.
6) Ponies must pay tax collectors when they come around.

Most camps were small Work Camps, run by griffons from the more passive houses. They were mostly local, and although some ponies or griffons lived there, the majority made the commute. Conditions in these camps were fine, sufficient food, breaks, and water, and most ponies only worked a maximum of 12 hours a day. Punishments for small crimes were dealt with on the spot, usually in the forms of fines or public whippings. The ponies were paid a wage for their work, though these were hardly decent. The ones willing to work in the camps were generally without any other option. Some camps, primarily those run by the more aggressive houses, eventually became Labor Camps, which proved to be nightmare’s for ponies and griffons alike. Most times these camps were hidden in a far off region so as to hide them from public view. They involved almost all of the ponies living there, with barely enough food and water to survive.These camps were primarily used to gather and mine certain dangerous resources, and the ponies were treated like slaves. While the Tsar’s aim was not to anger the population, he allowed these camps to exist, expecting updates from the houses running them on a regular basis. These camps also served as an excellent place to send political prisoners, extreme criminals, and prisoners of war. Once sent to these camps, you were expected to never be seen again

Manehattan had one of the roughest houses dealing with it. Commander Feliks, 2nd in command to the Tsar himself, was in control of the city. He believed that ponies were the scum of the earth, and decided he would make things as rough as possible. Over the last 4 years, he has let untrained guerrillas essentially own the city. This has bred unrest among the populace, allowing a small rebellion to spring up. This has caused Feliks to bare down even harder on the ponies and griffons, wanting to crush this thorn in his side, before word reaches the Tsar’s ears. However, this hasn’t been going to plan. The guerrillas aren’t thrilled with the changes in protocol, and willingly disobey them. The OGI (Organization for Griffon Intelligence) has been the most civilized part of the entire occupation, tending to use intrigue and planned strikes to try and settle the rebellion matter. This process is slow and controlled, and as such the guerrillas have grown restless. Feliks has issued new laws, against ponies and griffons alike. Any who violate them will be dealt with, severely This restlessness in one of the largest cities in their newly conquered kingdom has the Tsar suspicious as to whether Feliks can handle the position any longer. Perhaps a more tactful approach is needed to quell the rebellion.

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