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Skry [unicorn] - Ready for evaluation

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Skry [unicorn] - Ready for evaluation Empty Skry [unicorn] - Ready for evaluation

Post by Syron Tue Apr 08, 2014 3:39 pm

Basic Information:
Name: Skry
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Alignment: Rebellion
Occupation: Information Broker

Coat Color: Green
Mane/Tail Color: Dark and light blue
Eye color: Dark blue
Usual Accessories:
Cutie Mark: A straight line that splits up into a bunch of arrows pointing different ways.

Skry [unicorn] - Ready for evaluation Skry10

Special Talent - Intuitive Knowledge:
Nopony can tell the future, but Skry is as close to it as one gets. She doesn't actually know what will happen, but she has a tendency to guess right and think of the right things in the right moment. She's a quick thinker, has a keen perception, and her intuition hardly fails her. The results of this combination are often astounding and indeed seem like skrying, but in the end, it's usually only educated guessing. As long as she doesn’t start with actual spells, that is.

Spells and Equipment:
”Truth Be Shown”: A spell that allows her to recognize every kind of illusion she might perceive as what it really is, regardless of the illusion being magical in nature or not. When she sees a disguised changeling, she sees the disguise, while recognizing the changeling. In a hall of mirrors she’d still see all the reflections, but she’d know what is a reflection, and what is the real thing (if it’s actually in sight). However, the spell has its limits: A non-magical hidden door simply looks like its environment, there is no illusion the spell could reveal to her. Skry rarely uses the spell unless she is already suspicious of something being not what it seems, since it’s rather expensive to keep up. She can cast the spell only on herself.

“Knowing Me, Knowing You”: When her normal intuition fails her, and even the “Truth Be Shown”-spell doesn’t give her helpful information, this is her last possibility to figure out somebody else’s intentions, and much more next to it. The spell joins two minds together - what one thinks, the other thinks as well. The result is that Scry can get information quickly, but at the cost of laying open her own secrets as well, and it only works if her target accepts it. Much more important however - and the reason why she has cast this spell only once in her lifetime - is the complete impossibility to discern her thoughts from those of her target, and the other way around. The first time she cut the spell off in panic after only a few seconds, and hasn't dared to use it again since then, out of fear that she might lose herself. A fear that is very much justified. Should she ever use it for more than a few seconds, it’s likely that she and her target adapt personality traits and memories from each other. The eventual result - if the connection isn't cut off - would be two ponies with near identical personalities (and possibly split personalities), and the memories of both ponies each.

Those who know her tend to describe Scry as living in the future. If not engaged in conversation, she's rarely in the here and now, but has her thoughts with what she thinks will happen, and her mood usually reflects that. When she expects something good, she's happy, and when she expects something bad, she feels down. When whatever she expects finally happens, she already thinks about the next thing. Don't be upset if she doesn't seem to enjoy your party; The thing she doesn't enjoy hasn't happened yet. Luckily, it's possible to pull her back into the present by simply talking to her.

Though, talking to her might be a creepy experience at times. She tends to show off by anticipating what a pony she's conversing with is going to say, and say it first. She's quick to pick up on a pony's behavior, especially small details, and usually doesn't need long to baffle strangers. She makes up for this sometimes off-putting trait by just as quickly adapting her own behavior to accomodate others - within limits; Holding back with her guesses is easy, but pretending she didn't have this talent at all isn't.

Aside from her guesses, she's normally quite jovial in nature. Though she handles anything social quite well, she usually doesn't approach strangers without specific reason, and mostly makes new acquaintances by them approaching her first. That's not at all because of shyness, but because she is too open herself, and would quickly catch a lot of attention if she didn't hold back. Attention that isn't favorable anymore since the griffons took over.

Because she is often right, she has developed a slight overconfidence in her guesses. She can be deceived, and only questions her believes if there is sufficient reason to do so. She is likely to focus on early conclusions and not seek to confirm them first.

History Summary:
To be overly quick about it: Skry grew up impressing ponies, and loved to draw attention to her talent, even before it had manifested as a cutie mark. Once she had fully realized what her talent was, she of course got even worse with it, but by then it made little difference. One just needed to get used to her answering questions you didn't yet ask practically all the time. She still managed to keep her bragging subtle enough that she easily made friends, instead of creeping them off.

However, most of those friendships weren't very deep, and there's only one that had noteworthy impact on Skry's life: From Silvern Gleam's cuteceañera (that eventually ended up being Skry's cuteceañera as well) into early adulthood they stood together, Skry often pushing for mischief while Sil was the moderating voice - usually, at least. However, when Silvern finally moved from Manehatten to Canterlot, Skry stayed behind - both for the same reason: Work. While Silvern was drawn to the capitol of magic, Skry had her hooves deep into Manehatten's internal business relations (she was working as assistant for a lawyer specialized in economic law) and didn't want to give up her home advantage for a city full of unbearable snobs.

They kept contact, but only saw each other infrequently until the war broke out. While previously Skry would have described her life as 'entertaining enough' with not enough major turns to really be exciting, she suddenly cursed herself for thinking that. Silvern came back to Manehatten directly after Canterlot's fall, but the nine months they had before the griffons were upon them were hardly happy times. When it finally happened they stood together once again - Skry losing track of her parents and Silvern losing hers completely.

Haiving survived the battle they espcaped the griffon's clutches to the city's underground, they stumbled over diamond dogs, and Sil managed to strike a deal with them to secure them a safe place to stay in the newly forming Undercity. Skry used her talent to establish herself in the new community, and soon made money by helping out Silvern with her business and giving information to everybody willing to pay for it (or who she thought deserved the help).

History Spotlight (WIP):
Warning, wall of text:
The door opened after some soft knocks, but the little green filly didn't even need to look up from her book to know that her mother was sticking her head in. "Skry, darling?"

"Yes, yes, no."

"Uh, what?"

Now Skry looked up, mostly to see the amusing expression of confusion on her mother's face and gave the long answer, with a lot of feigned impatience. "Yes, I've finished my homework, yes, I've finished my other chores as well, no, I won't be joining dinner, there'll be enough at the party. Is there anything else you wanted to ask, mom?"

It took a second and a shake of her head for the baffled mare to recollect her thoughts. "No... I think that was it...", she said and withdrew from her daughter's room, continuing to stare at the door in thought for a short while.

"I don't always ask the same questions, do I?"

--- Some time later at the party ---

"I think I'll get my cutie mark tonight", Skry exclaimed confidently as she stood at the outskirts of the cuteceañera and watched the party going on. The center of it was a filly called Silvern Gleam, a blind filly who had little trouble seeing anymore, as it seemed. Not that her eyes had been miraculously fixed - instead her horn miraculously did the seeing for her, and it seemed to have some pretty neat advantages. Silvern was currently daring the other foals to try to surprise her, and of course they all chose the obvious path that Silvern was prepared for: They mostly tried to sneak up on her, something that had indeed worked quite well with her while she was distracted until a few days ago. Now... not so much anymore. She called everypony out before they could startle her. But Skry knew how to take up the challenge. Skry was going to give them a show that would impress (and thus surprise, as was the wording of the challenge) them all, and that would bring her own cutie mark! Strange that it wasn't there already, so certain was Skry about her talent.

An adult nearby chuckled and was going to say something, but Skry was quicker. "You're right, it's not something one can usually predict, but my talent is prediction after all." With that, she ran off to catch some attention.


"Alright, next one: When Feedle comes back he'll head straight to the buffet table" - "Everypony knows that!" - "BUT! He'll go for a daisy sandwhich!"

At that, the skeptic wasn't really less skeptic, but he had to admit that if it turned out to be true, it would be a rare chance prediction. Feedle going for something simple and not all sweet, something healthy, while cake was nearby? The N that usually stood at the beginning of his name hadn't been replaced with an F without reason.

Some of the other ponies around the skeptic already wore knowing smirks, as they hadn't joined the show just now but had seen the last few predictions. Their guesses were already that Skry was right, but they didn't quite know what to make of it yet. Was it really prediction? That remained to be seen. At the very least, a cutie mark hadn't appeared yet, despite a 100% accuracy so far.

For Silvern Gleam, the whole thing was rather entertaining. After Skry had lain out Sil's thoughts without the blind filly actually saying much she had certainly gotten interested, and wanted to figure out how Skry did what she did. It certainly wasn't magic, that much she would have known, so where else could that knowledge come from?

In this particular case, she didn't hesitate to openly question the 'oracle'. "I bet he'll do just that. But you two could have planned it", she said, patiently awaiting Skry's answer.

The challenge was already won, Silvern had been surprised alright, but while there was no cutie mark adorning her flank, Skry was determined to continue. The next immediate goal was clear: Convincing Silvern and everypony else that the predictions were genuine. But how to do it?

Skry was in thought long enough for a pudgy unicorn colt to walk into the room and head for the buffet table. He showed a slight frown, though he had been quite cheery earlier. In fact, he looked a bit sick. He didn't notice the silence or the many pairs of eyes set on him, and - as predicted - took a daisy sandwhich from the tray. He only looked up in confusion when unexpectedly some ponies began cheering, and otheres muttered something in frustration as they handed bits to the winners of the bets.

Silvern however couldn't see far enough to make out what was happening. She was about to ask for the outcome, but Skry was quicker once again. "As I said it would happen", she answered the unspoken question, and followed with the answer to the question that had been asked before and would be asked again if not answered immediately. "I think I have to take it up a notch to convince you."

WIP (Outline: Skry makes a bunch of correct predictions, gets overconfident and finally predicts something that doesn't turn out to be true. Some kind of trouble ensues because of it, which eventually leads to Skry realizing her misjudgement regarding her talent and seeing it for what it really is.)


"Seems her talent isn't prediction after all."

"Didn't stop her from getting her cutie mark though."

"Right. You owe me 20 bits."

--- Some years later ---


"I can often tell you what you're thinking anyway."

"Not like this."

"I don't have a good feeling about this."

"You'd get an impression of my sight."

"... And you would learn what it's like to actually see. That's the reason for this then?"

"Yes. Please Skry, just once."

"Are you sure I can cast this?"

"You have shown a talent in mind magic, or at least parts of it. This spell fits well into your talent, and I can help you."

Skry looked between the book and her friend, who looked back pleadingly. Or as much as Silvern could 'look back' with blind eyes. With a sigh, Skry gave in. "Alright, I'll try."

The two young mares sat in Silvern's room, Skry now studying a spell that was supposed to bind two minds together, so that one thought what the other did and the other way around. Even sensory input was promised to be transferred. It certainly was a... fascinating idea, but something about it filled Skry with a slight sense of dread. She couldn't put her hoof on what it was, but to experience magic sight was indeed a good bait. Combined with Silvern's honest desire to try this was enough for Skry to give it a chance.

Over the next minutes she gave it several dry runs, constructing the spell without providing it with the power to actually set it off. Silvern simply watched - spellcasting being one of the things she could observe better than anypony - and studied, so that she could provide assistance when they went serious.

"Alright, I don't think it will get any better than this", Skry said after the fifth time and closed the book. "Ready?"

"I've been ready since I've learned of this spell." Silvern's excitement was infectious, and brought a grin to Skry's face.

"Alright, here goes nothing." They touched their horns together as they had several times already, and both horns lit up; Silvern's a soft white, and Skry's a rich blue. Initial wpell construction went fast, and after the first second all that needed to be done to charge it with sufficient energy. The blue glow gradually intensified, eventually burying Silvern's white, until it erupted in a final flash and the magical aura returned to moderate levels again.

However, in the unicorns' minds a storm had broken lose. Excitement was the dominant emotion at first, soon to be rivaled by a mix of wonder, confusion and especially a feeling of being lost, all coming from Skry's side. Silvern was used to her magic sight of course, but remembered those feelings from the days after she had developed the talent. Now that she was feeling like this again, the memories came rushing back up, only giving even more substance to the emotional cocktail.

Both minds registered loss of thought control, and answered with an reflexive reaction every unicorn had: Target all magical connections ot the own mind and force raw, unfocused power through.

Despite her talent, Silvern was a unicorn hard to undercut in terms of magical power, and as a result the magical blast being formed between the locked horns - barely a second after the spell had been fully established - hit her full force, while Skry only stumbled in back in panic and confusion.

The yellow mare flew a bit through the air and collided with her dresser where she simply dropped on the floor, front hooves quickly rushing to her horn and grimacing in pain.

Skry needed a short while to get her thoughts to order before she registered what had just happened in the physical world. The source of her current panic quickly was replaced by her apparently injured friend.

"Sil! What's wrong?"

The blind mare jolted a bit when Skry came rushing over and placed a hoof on her shoulder. That was unusual, as magic sight provided a full 360° view, even if short ranged, which made it practically impossible to sneak up on her. Combined with the hooves pressed against the horn, Skry had a good idea what had happened.

"C-Cracked my ho-horn... I think", Silvern stammered through the pain. Though it would heal in most cases, a cracked horn was an agonizing experience. "I c-can't see." In Sil's case, that was another side effect.

"Let me see", Skry said, and moved her friend's hooves away from the injury, without much resistance. Indeed there was a crack reaching about halfway up, clearly visible thanks to tiny drips of blood trickling out of it. However, before Skry could say something else, she heard hoofsteps from the corridor. "Come in!" she called with urgency, probably only moments before a rapping would have been heard.

The one who entered was Silvern's father. "What happened", he asked with concern as soon as he sticked his head in, and quickly noticed his daughter lying next to the dresser, obviously in pain. Needless to say, he was by her side in an instant.

"We were trying out a new spell and..." As Skry began recalling the short chain of events to find out just what happened, the realization added guilt go the bunch of emotions that she had as leftover from the spell. "I accidentally blasted her... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Sil!"

The stallion gruffly nodded and helped his daughter up. "We'll talk about this later. Let's get her to the hospital."

--- Some time later ---

"Sorry about hurting you", Skry apologized - again - as she closed the door behind them. They had just returned from the hospital, Silvern now featuring a bandage around her horn, and was for once actually acting like a blind pony, even though her knowledge about her own home enabled her to move securely.

"And again, it's fine. In a few weeks it will be healed up, and everything's back to normal. And if I had any noteworthy amount of power you'd have gotten a hit as well, I reacted exactly the same."

"How can you be so calm about this? I'd freak out if I lost my sight for weeks!"

"You're forgetting that being blind isn't exactly new to me. Don't get so worked up about this, it only seems to let you miss things."

"Did you at least get what you wanted?"


"You're disappointed."

"You had your eyes closed..."

--- Years later ---

The news about Canterlot's fall had reached Manehatten two days ago. Shock and uncertainty had come over practically everypony within, and only today some of the uncertainty would finally be lifted. The refugees were ariving. There were many families with ties to Canterlot, and it seemed all of them had gone out to meet the convoy outside the city. Not that anypony could blame them, but the guards had obviously a hard time keeping order.

Skry didn't have family in Canterlot, but she was there anyway, searching for a friend. Or rather, trying to keep said friend's family calm, with mediocre success. "Silvern is a clever mare, I'm sure she has found a way out."

"She's blind! Magic sight or not, she's always been overwhelmed when there was too much going on."

"Now you're not giving our daughter enough credit. Skry is right, we should just trust that she has made it."

Though Sil's father played tough, Skry only had needed to look at him once to know that he was just as scared as his wife. There'd be no way of reassuring them short of finding Silvern Gleam, and no consolation until they knew she wasn't here. So Skry did the only thing she could and searched. "I'll be back soon", she said and headed towards the end of the convoy - where there was less activity. Sil's mother was certainly right about the blind mare not liking commotions. As was often the case, the guess turned out to be correct. "Sil!" Skry called out only a few minutes later, having spotted the familiar purple mane and yellow coat. Her friend had managed to escape the griffons.

--- 9 months later ---

How had it come to this? Skry knew enough of the facts to answer the question. Long, harsh winters in the north for many years in a row, a lack of communication, and griffon pride. Still, she couldn't believe what was happening outside the city.

She was standing on one of Manehatten's skyscrapers, with a good view well beyond the outskirts. The weather was clear, a sunny sky with not even a single cloud. It was entirely wrong. It should be storming. It would have described the situation so much better. But Princess Celestia wanted to show that she was there with them. She was protecting the city personally against the griffon army marching up outside the city borders. But after the news from Trottingham had arrived, all that Skry felt was fear.

"They're here... aren't they?" Silvern asked from her side, her voice tainted by the very same emotion. Her magic sight had only a reach of a few meters, so she couldn't see what was happening, but she had picked up on Skry's silence.

"Yes, they are."

Silence reigned again for a few minutes, until Skry spoke again. "This won't end well." Coming from Skry, that sentence scared Silvern even more then the army preparing for a siege.


This was it. The attack already went on longer than any other before. Skry was certain, this was the end of the siege. And ponykind wouldn't be victorious. The equestrian army had done a great job in holding the city, but the storm simply didn't end. Civilians were went to the large city hall, in preperation for evacuation - Skry's parents included - but parts of the city had already been cut off by griffon forces. Skry didn't know for sure... yet she was certain that Silvern's home was in those parts. She didn't know what she had picked up to assume that, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was she had to get her friend out of there.

She couldn't go on the surface, she'd be spotted by the soldiers. It didn't matter which side, they would stop her. But that had been a near constant condition since the start of the siege, and the two friends had quickly figured out how to use the sewer systems to get to each other, even during battle. There was still a risk of being found, small units of the armies were sent down here from time to time to get behind enemy lines, or to prevent the other doing so, but between magic sight and a nearly unfallible intuition, they had somehow managed.

The flickering light coming from above already warned Skry of the scene she would find. She climbed up the ladder and carefully pushed the cover up, just so that he could see. The houses around her were in flames, driving the night temporarily away with a horrifying blaze. Looking a bit down the street, she recognized Silvern's home, having caught fire as well.

Not all of it was burning yet! The fact registered quickly enough to keep Skry from despairing right now, and pushed determination to the front of her mind.



The shout had come from upstairs. Of course Silvern had noticed her already.

"I'M COMING!" Skry called back, struggling against the need to cough from the smoke around her. With a little help of a piece of cloth to act as a basic air filter she managed, but was still left without protection against the searing heat. It had taken longer than she would have wished to get from the sewer entrance into the house without being seen, and the ground floor was already hardly traversable.

Skry made it up the stairs with thankfully little trouble, though she was certain she had already acquired a few burns, and the smoke wasn't burning only in her lungs but in her eyes as well. What little she could see she had trouble recognizing. "SIL, WHERE ARE YOU?" she called out, while she cast her perception spell. It didn't clear up her vision, not really, but it removed any doubt about what she saw, and made navigation in this environment much easier.

"HERE!" came a desperate scream back. From the sound of it, Silvern was locked in panic, unable to move. Skry had seen her in that state before. And who could blame her? Silvern couldn't make out the flames, a drawback of of magic sight. Every move could mean she stepped right into the fire. With the heat coming from all directions, the blind unicorn had no way to navigate.

Skry looked down the corridor she had heard the reply from, and found the floor already burning in parts. She could jump over it, but Silvern jumping over something she couldn't see while in panic? They would probably need to find another way.


With a short run-up Skry made it over the flames, and checked the rooms for her friend. In the third one she was successful. Sil was cowering in the middle of what had been her parent's bedroom - with a pair of saddlebags Skry recognized as the emergency package Sil had prepared at the beginning of the siege. The structure had already broken here, and part of the ceiling had collapsed onto the now brightly burning bed. If it hadn't been for her spell, Skry might not have realized what the dark shadows in the flames were, but even so she had no time to linger on it.

Silvern had alrealy suffered burnt fronthooves, quite likely from trying to pull her parents out, and her tail had lost quite a bit of its length. And the fire was closing in. No time to lose.

"Sil, I'm here!" Skry said reassuringly as soon as she had found a way to her friend's side. Silvern replied by literally clinging to the other unicorn. The size difference between them made it rather awkward, Sil being a good deal taller, but with injured hooves she had a good enough reason. Besides, Skry figured that Sil preferred direct physical guidance right now, instead of relying on magic sight to follow her.

"Is there another way out except down the stairs", Skry asked when they were out on the corridor.

"What? No... Or... The tree behind my store room!" Silvern managed to stammer, and Skry followed the suggestion without hesitation. The tree might be burning as well, but it was better than nothing. The store room itself was accessible, but the shelves along the walls had already caught fire. Luckily, that didn't go for the window. With magic's help, it was quickly opened, and the next challenge came up.

"Sil, the tree is safe, no flames in the way. I'll let you climb over first."

Among her trembles, Silvern's nod was hardly noticed, but she managed to pull herself together and reach for the nearest branch through the window, despite the pain her hooves brought at contact.



"Big cave?"

"Quite. There's already a refugee camp down here."

"That's not quite the deal we've agreed on. I've worded it 'a set of tunnels to call my own.' I'll only fulfill the second part of the agreement if that is provided."

"Of course, of course. Diamond Dogs need time to dig. For the meantime, please accept this temporary home", one of the canines quickly said, not wnating to risk Silvern losing interest. After a demonstration of a highly efficient gem-finding spell, the artifact merchant had quickly managed to strike a deal, but Skry was wary.

"Sil, they'll try to scam you", she whispered while they walked through the cavern the Dogs offered as shelter for the ponies finding their way down here. Probably not for selfless reasons. Though relations had been mostly peaceful (meaning they didn't bother each other) Diamond Dog tribes have used ponies as slaves in the past.

"I know. But they seem greedy enough to control them. I just have to make sure they know that any future supply from me will be cut off if they don't deliver what they promise. And they seem quite eager to have me finding gems for them. Unless you think they try using force again..."

"No, I don't think so. The bloody snout you gave them earlier was a good deterrant."

"Then I'm not concerned."

---Some years later---

"You need to find somepony, I need to eat. Not very complicated, or is it?" Skry replied playfully. The stallion huffed, and began rummaging in his saddle bag for his coin purse.

"Since when do ponies have to pay when they're asking for directions?"

"You can't seriously expect to get a free deal from the best information broker in the Undercity. And no, I won't answer how I can be sure about that uless you pay for it." Was she exaggerating? Possibly. But she did have a firm grip on what was going on in the Undercity, and she managed to get an acceptable income from it. It helped that some of the things she figured out were quite juicy at times. Though the crime present in the literal subcommunity also made this profession somewhat dangerous.

"How did you know I was going to ask that?" her current client asked curiously.

Skry grinningly extended a hoof it waiting. The stallion gave up and hoofed over the payment she had demanded for the original question. "Alright then, what do I know about Crimson Hooves. He apparently hasn't come down here so far, though he already dwells on the surface for awhile. Not exactly one of the most respectable gentlement" - a slight twitch of his eye - "but apparently respectable enough to do business with him." No pause had was in Skry's speech, even while she observed the stallion and adapted to his reactions. He might be here to get information, but without his knowledge he was providing Skry with her daily bread. She already had a talent for reading ponies, and with some training she had learned how to bring up certain questions and insinuations without raising suspicion. Talking to her was often an interrogation that nobody recognized as one. And in this particular case, she had struck gold. "I haven't met him so far, but from descriptions his name holds truth literally as well as figuratively. He's not overy violent, but doesn't like to be tricked and shows that." - the corners of his mouth twitched, a surpressed smile or grin - "Judging from his activities so far, he's still orientating himself, but the Undercity seems to be of high interest to him, even though he'll have a hard time without knowing the existing structures, and the Dogs will probably force him to stay hidden" - a slight frown, almost obvious - "He's been seen poking his snout into the drug market, but didn't like the smell of it. Probably rightfully so. The rest isn't really interesting, only trivialities."

"Mh, seems you are delivering for your money."

"Actually, I have one more information", replied smirkingly.

"And what would that be?"

She leaned forward, and whispered in his ear. "I'm quite certain, if I took off your boots... I'd see crimson." She leaned back again to enjoy the look of bafflement, but quickly continued talking. "And since this probably a test of my abilities as well as a check how much about you and your plans is known, let me say that I'd very much appreciate doing further business with you."

The stallion recollected himself and cleared his throat. He seemed a little upset, but took it with stride. "Very well, you have certainly proven yourself. As you already pointed out, I need information on what is currently going on down here. That's what I'm here for."

"It's a lot of information you're asking for, and I'll have to make sure that it's up-to-date. 600 bits, 300 in advance."

"500, 200 in advance", came the immediate counteroffer.

"500 okay, but 300 in advance."

"Need money quickly?"

"Not your concern."

"Unless I pay for it, I suppose?"

"Now you got it."

The stallion nodded and produced another bag of bits from his saddlebag. After making sure that it contained 300 bits, he gave it to Skry and offered a hoof. "Very well then, when can I expect a report?"

"Two days, meet me in the northern tunnel from the central cavern, third intersection, at 8 pm", Skry said, shaking his hoof, and let the prepayment disappear in her own saddlebags. "I'll see you then."

---Two days later, at the third intersection of the northern tunnel---

It was 8 pm, and Crimson Hooves was waiting as appointed, but Skry didn't show up. Checking his watch, he noticed that she was already late, if only by a minute. In a business like this, punctuality was very valuable. Staying too long in one place bore the risk of being recognized, but it should turn out that he already didn't need to care about that anymore. Three groups of diamond dogs were already closing in on him.

Two hours later found Skry happily trotting home, with yet another bag of bits in her saddlebag. Diamond Dogs could in fact pay quite well if a troublemaker was given to them. Unfortunately, somepony like Crimson Hooves was a rare catch.
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Well app approved, just remember when reading someone you need to check with them before you say anything. Now go and read minds   Skry [unicorn] - Ready for evaluation 4224626508
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