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Shadowstrike [Unicorn]

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Shadowstrike [Unicorn] Empty Shadowstrike [Unicorn]

Post by Syron Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:56 am

Basic Information:
Name: Shadowstrike, Shade for short
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 25 (13.12.-22)
Occupation: No official occupation, she does what she needs to do to survive.
Virtue: Loyalty
Special Talent: Can summon six throwing stars and has a knack for stealth and shadow magic.
Other Talents: Sneaking, climbing, picking locks, good with throwing weapons.

Height: About 4', maybe a little smaller
Coat Color: Black
Mane/Tail Color: Dark Blue
Eye color: Ruby
Usual Clothing: Practically always wears a simple black cloak covering her whole body, including tail.
Cutie Mark: Two fading throwing stars

Picture: ((Thanks to Hijinks for the Pic)
Shadowstrike [Unicorn] Cool_s10

Spells and Equipment:
Spell - Rising Shadows: Basically light absorbtion. In an area around her, everything becomes darker. It requires more energy the more light is absorbed, she definitely can't blacken out an entire room at daylight levels. However, if light levels are already low, she can make herself pretty much invisible.

Spell - Sphere of Silence: Every sound in or out of the sphere is muffled. Quiet conversation usually is blocked completely at standard strength and Shade can keep it up for a good 5 minutes, so she uses it only when necessary. The more power is applied, the better it works. Size causes no problem up to two meter radius.

Spell - Extinguish: It does what the name says, extinguish fire. Normally it's used on torches, but can go up to medium sized fire places.

Enchantment - Night Vision: An enchantment for anything transparent, so that it provides vision to whoever looks through it, even in near total darkness. It's not perfect, with really low light the colors are all wrong and though it lets you see something, some actual light would be more helpful. Shade hasn't used the enchantment in years, and only recently dug it out of her memory, to provide a possibility for Scrapper to fight by her side without being used to acting in darkness. Shade isn't very proficient with the enchantment, and it takes quite a bit of her power, but at least it holds for two to three hours.

Weapon - Throwing Stars: Those weapons are her's, in every possible meaning you could come up with. She can summon them at will, and only Shade can control them, foreign magic has no effect. They are "throwing" stars, but are handled by telekinesis alone. Though, since Shade can't completely eradicate the glow (which could be a warning to her victims), she often just gives her weapons enough speed and then cuts the connection. While being actively controlled, the shurikens are pretty much extensions of her body, she has an enormous control over them, compared to the levitation of other objects.

Weapon - Throwing knifes: For the case her shurikens aren't available for some reason Shade carries three throwing knifes. Her mastery of those is on par with the shurikens, but they don't have the telekinesis amplification. That's not important however, because as long as Shade has magic, she usually also has her shurikens.

Weapon - Shadowfang: Normally Shade prefers fighting from the distance, but from time to time thing's are not going her way. While she is not the best fighter when it comes to CQC, she does know how to work with her combat knife, Shadowfang. The weapon was crafted by Quicksteel, one of Shade's now dead friends. The black blade is engraved with Shade's cutie mark on one side and Quicksteel's on the other, a winged hammer.
Pics thanks to Scintillance
Shadowstrike [Unicorn] Shadow10Shadowstrike [Unicorn] Shadow11

Misc: Usually she has some picklocks, if she has to get in somewhere.

Weapon harness: Another item made by an old friend of hers, Jade. It fits well enough thad Shade hardly notices it, and holds her equipment while it's not needed. Apart from her knifes and picklocks, it also provides holders for her six shurikens, if she wants to keep them summoned.

Mysterious, strong-minded, and despite being (normally) very reasonable: highly dangerous. Upon meeting Shadowstrike, the primary task should always be not to piss her off. While it is very hard to actually anger her (if you don't know how), she's quick with disposing of annoyances, fatally if it promises to be the way of least trouble. Luckily, most of the time she uses less drastic meassures and only makes sure that ponies she doesn't like stay away on their own volition, and as long as you simply meet her on the street (which would be a rare occasion), she will be polite as long as she doesn't have a reason not to be. Meeting her while she wants to stay hidden is sure to deliver different results.

Usually she features a cold rationality, a mask she wears at almost all times. This mask is only taken off in privacy with her close friends, and slips only through heavy emotional turmoil, which used to be a rare event, but recently has become almost normal. Seeing her best friend being murdered when she was just a foal traumatized her, and though she found other friends in the following long years of war to keep her sane, their death eventually pushed her over the edge. Good thing Scrapper was there to catch her. But though their love does help, it's no cure, and the raging beast she keeps locked away breaks through often enough.

A life is only worth the friendships with others. If Shade's view of life was to be summarized in a single sentence, this would be it. When she kills, she doesn't think she is harming her target; The real victims are those left behind, having to cope with the loss. This mindset makes it unlikely for her to kill when she knows one of her target's friends is somebody she doesn't want to harm, but doesn't deliver much protection to those completely unknown to Shade. So far it luckily didn't happen that she had to face retaliation from somebody who's gotten her respect because of a past kill.

Gaining her respect - more than a perfect stranger on the street who hasn't wronged her in any way would receive - and especially gaining her trust takes time. She usually doesn't even consider calling somebody she's known for less than half a year a friend. She doesn't like to guess, and so she wants to be absolutely sure she can trust the ones she lets close. So far there have only been two exceptions, two ponies who happened to meet her when she was in dire need of a friend but had none. That the second one, Scrapper T. Ferrous, just as quickly gained her love was just another surprise.

According to Shadowstrike, she died twice in her life. Her first life was a happy one, and if she could, she would go back and tell her young self to appreciate what she has: Admittedly boring, but loving parents who let Shade do what she wanted (not as if they had any choice, Shade simply disappeared regularly) and a great friend willing to stand by her side, even if their adventures turned out not as great as intended at times. But fact is, back then she looked upon her coming life with boredom. Thanks to magical talent she got a place in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and thanks to a lack of interest, she barely passed the exams. As far as Shade had been able to tell, she would probably pick up the family business, which was making books, and that thought filled her mostly with dread. Where was the fun?

And so the filly used every bit of free time to have fun as long as she could, even while she was supposed to do homework or some other boring stuff. Skylight, her friend, was dragged along, and eventually Scintillance - one of Shade's classmates, and practically her exact opposite - joined the two of them. Though the crazy colt often enough nearly drove her to madness, she accepted him, mostly because Skylight somehow doted on him.

Shade's first life ended in a warehouse in Canterlot where she and Skylight were playing around. They didn't notice the attack on the city until it was too late. A group of griffons searched the building, and hiding suddenly turned from being a game to a necessaty for survival, this much the blood splattered armor told. They almost did it. One last griffon had to take a final look around and look exactly the wrong way. Being out of sight from each other, Shade only noticed Skylight's trouble through the noise of the chase. When she got there, she was just in time to see her friend getting a spear right through her body.

There was no way she could have survived. Skylight's last desperate look at her friend befor her eyes turned empty burned itself into Shade's mind. But she didn't have the possibility to fully grasp what had just happened, for the griffon who had just murdered her friend was now coming for her. A fully armed, trained soldier against a thirteen years old filly without weapons. Well, not entirely: With no possibility to outrun her pursuer, she wished for something to fight with, to make him pay for what he had done, and her wish was granted. Her horn sprang to life on its own, and six black throwing stars appeared around her. She managed to be less surprised than the griffon and gave him a dangerous cut on his neck, allowing her an escape.

The way home was complicated. She was used walkig the covered back alleys, but never before it had been this dangerous being seen, and it took all she got not to break down crying over Skylight's death. Somwhow she made it, but home didn't bring the comfort she had hoped for, only more despair. She found her parents lying dead in their blood, a sight that - after what had already happened - made her collapse in tears right where she stood. Her friend and her parents. Everypony she loved, everypony she had lived for had died. And so Shade died as well.

It didn't take long for her sorrow to spawn anger that quickly grew into a raging beast taking control of her. It might have seemed funny to the two griffons outside how she threw herself at them, but their arrogance and laughter was it that cost them their lifes, when Shade's new weapons unexpectedy entered the battlefield and did surprisingly quick (and messy) work. This didn't go unnoticed of course, and Shade was already charging at the next group when she was pulled from the open street by a colt not much older than her. She didn't appreciate that he wanted to keep her from killing herself; so caught was she in her rage that she attacked him as well. But he had just seen what he had to expect, and knocked her out before her shurikens could reach him. A few seconds after he had pulled her from the street, he disappeared with her in the sewers.

The following years were difficult, for herself as well as for Rolls - her rescuer - and for the other friends she made over time. She was prone to quick mood swings, that unfortunately seldom involved happy feelings. She put everything into finding the griffon that had killed Sky, with little success, and the building frustration only made her rage outbursts even more frequent than they already were, especially in presence of griffons. Her friends tried to help her, but it wasn't until she nearly killed one of them because she had lost control that she decided for herself that it had to end.

It took time, but through strict discipline she managed to fight down the rage more and more often before it took control of her, and along with it, her other emotions got heavily restricted as well. For some time she actually showed nothing to the outside, but her friends talked her into losening up on it again, at least around them. Her newly attained rather cold rationality and already quick thinking made her extremely efficient in what she usually did: Making sure that whoever has wronged her or her friends wouldn't do so again. She never cared much about anybody except her friends, and quickly disposed discretely of whoever chose to stand in her way.

-- From here: Happenings from before the reset --

Eventually, 12 years after the first battle of Canterlot, a trace towards Skylight's murderer suddenly popped up, or so it seemed. She found the griffon and did the job, but upon close inspection, she found that it wasn't who she had wanted. The situation was made even more difficult for her by Scintillance showing up and first blinding, then helping her in the previous fight. For the first time in years she had trouble controlling her emotions. Within a few days she broke into rage twice, and things were still getting worse.

Only a few days after meeting Scintillance again, as well as the earth pony Scrapper T. Ferrous she dragged along for some reason, one of her Friends showed up, wounded and poisoned beyond rescue. The message he had to deliver ended Shade's second life. All of her friends were dead, killed by griffons. Even if she had thought rationally in that moment, every reason for her to live had been taken away once again. After her last friend had lost the battle against the poison she fled the scene and let the rage take over. But just like the first time in Canterlot, there was a pony to catch her. Scrapper followed, and despite taking a beating from the enraged unicorn, offered her help and friendship. He managed to reach her and calm her down, and in her desperation, Shade accepted his friendship. She was unsure if she could really trust him, but had no other possibility to go on. After that, it didn't take long for her to realize that her real feelings towards him greatly exceeded friendship.


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Shadowstrike [Unicorn] Empty Re: Shadowstrike [Unicorn]

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