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Voting Complete - New Staff In Place

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Voting Complete - New Staff In Place Empty Voting Complete - New Staff In Place

Post by Syron Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:53 pm

Voting Complete - New Staff In Place

We're through the first round, and the winners of the vote have been promoted to their new position. Thanks to Fire Ruby for doing the vote counting!

Johan Tercel
Megabyte Stream

Mirror Lone

Since I am one of them, I say: Thank you for your trust in me. I and Mirror have already started discussing the many still open staff positions (including two seats in the senate), and hopefully we can fill them soon. (Damn you Skype, why won't you let me log in anymore!)

For those who are confused what the new staff positions are because you've just returned from a hiatus or are simply new, take a look here, where each of the roles is explained. Note that the voting is over now.

To Mirror, Zwei and Megs: Congratulations to your new position! As one of your first official acts, I would like you to post here, a newly started staff introduction thread. I will post there soon as well.

Very well, let's get to work then!
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