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Staff Reformation - Voting Begins

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Staff Reformation - Voting Begins Empty Staff Reformation - Voting Begins

Post by Syron Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:14 pm

Staff Reformation - Voting Begins Now

The deadline is reached, no more volunteers will be accepted and it's time to vote. I've already explained how we'll go about it, but I'll actually do a minor change: Since nobody has volunteered for both, Counselor and Senator, we'll do both elections at the same time, not one after another.

As quick refresher: To vote, simply send a PM to Fire Ruby with a list of all volunteers (see below) and a "yes", "no" or "abstention" next to each name, depending on wether you want to see the person in the position or not. Those who get twice as many "yes" as "no" will be chosen. And don't try to use your alts to get multiple votes, Fire Ruby will check for that ;-)

EDIT: You also can't vote for yourself!

The vote will go for two days, ending on Sunday, 1/5/14, 5 P.M. GMT. Then the current staff will be dismissed and the new one will take the place. What happens after that, for example how the remaining positions will be filled, is their decision.
To make sure everybody gets to voice his or her opinion, I'll send a mail around. Who knows, maybe that helps to reactivate some old members?

Volunteers for Senator:

Johan Tercel (Zweihander): <<yes/no/abstention>>
Megabyte Stream: <<yes/no/abstention>>
Doppelbob (Insane Masquerade): <<yes/no/abstention>>
Dawn Star: <<yes/no/abstention>>

Volunteers for Counselor:

Mirror Lone (Void): <<yes/no/abstention>>
Syron (Shadowstrike/Silvern Gleam): <<yes/no/abstention>>

Now, get voting!
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