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Staff Reformation - Voting Round Two

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Staff Reformation - Voting Round Two Empty Staff Reformation - Voting Round Two

Post by Master Account Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:41 pm

Staff Reformation - Voting Round Two

After the first vote, we're still missing two Senators, and the other staff positions need to be filled as well. Luckily, there are new candidates, and we've selected those of them who we think are best suited for the job.

Thorin (Aella)

Zweihander (Johan Tercel)
Fire Ruby (Grayscale)

We'll do a vote like the last one to see if you object to our choice.

  • The election helper this time is Tayari. Send him a PM to vote
  • The vote will go for two days, until Friday, January 10th, 7 PM GMT.
  • You can vote "yes", "no" or "abstention" for each of the candidates.
  • Each Player has one vote. Multiple characters/accounts don't give multiple votes
  • If you don't give a vote to a player, "abstention" will be assumed
  • You can't vote for yourself, but for all other candidates
  • Those with a 2:1 ratio of "yes" to "no" will be promoted into the position

After the vote is done, we'll fill the positions of RP Resource Manager and Moderator. For efficiency reasons, we won't do a vote for them, but we will chose directly. However, until the end of the votes, you're free to volunteer for those positions if you haven't done so already.

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